The Audiovisual Description Profile (AVDP) is a profile of the MPEG-7 multimedia description standard, targeting applications in audiovisual media production and archiving. AVDP has been developed by the EBU MIM/SCAIE group, based on the Detailed Audiovisual Profile (DAVP) proposed by JOANNEUM RESEARCH in 2006 and the Metadata Production Framework by Japan’s national broadcaster NHK. AVDP is now an ISO standard (ISO/IEC 15938-9/Amd1).

The profile supports the description of audio, video or audiovisual content, ensuring a compatible document structure for all types. A key feature of AVDP is the modularity in the descriptions (e.g., separating metadata originating from different modalities or produced by different tools). It is the first profile based on version 2 of MPEG-7 and includes low-level audio and video descriptors.

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